Downloading Tom

Stable release [2013-03-21]

The latest stable version of Tom is tom-2.10.

This release includes a documentation and various examples.

The HTML version of the documentation can be browsed online

Development version

Tom is under constant development between releases. For people who want to be on the cutting edge:

Eclipse Plugin
  • The plugin offers automatic compilation
  • Tom and Java errors are reported
  • Operator profile available when double-clicking

Installation Procedure:

  • Before anything, please stop Eclipse and manually remove old already installed Tom feature and plugins: remove the corresponding directory in ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins/fr.loria.eclipse.tom_* and ECLIPSE_HOME/features/fr.loria.eclipse.tom_*.
  • Menu->Help->Software Updates->Find and Install
  • Search for new features to install
  • If not already done, add an Update Site that points to
  • Select Tom feature and do not pay attention to the warning
  • Restart Eclipse


This is the first version of Tom, used for the bootstraping.

Git access

Tom is available by anonymous Git:
git clone git://
git clone
You can also browse the Git repository with an anonymous account (anonsvn/anonsvn).


[2013-10-15] Thanks to ej-technologies for providing us a JProfiler license

[2011-04-12] Notepad++: jtom-notepad++.xml

[2007-04-20] Thanks to cenqua for providing us a Clover license

[2006-03-30] Emacs: jtom-mode.el

[2006-03-30] Vim: vim-tom.tar.gz

[2006-03-30] Zsh completion file: _tom