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Mailing list

To get in contact with the Tom community, you can subscribe to the tom-users mailing list (english only):

  • send email to with SUBSCRIBE tom-users in the subject.
  • you can also click here

On this mailing list, feel free to ask questions about the use of Tom and problems you would like to solve with Tom. To unsubscribe, send an email with SIGNOFF tom-users in the subject


Contact the team

You can send a mail to tom-devel (at) loria (dot) fr (english or french, but most of mails are in french). On this mailing-list, we discuss about features, bugs, etc. Usually, only Tom compiler developpers are interested in this ML.


  • Oana Andrei
  • Guillaume Burel
  • Guillaume Darmont
  • Jérémie Delaitre
  • Eric Deplagne
  • Germain Faure
  • Julien Guyon
  • Emmanuel Hainry
  • Stephane Hrvatin
  • Claude Kirchner
  • Radu Kopetz
  • Anne-Claire Lonchamp
  • Michael Moossen
  • Christophe Ringeissen
  • Anderson Santana de Oliveira
  • Bertrand Tavernier
  • Yoann Toussaint
  • Marian Vittek
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