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Using the Gom option --termgraph, it is possible to automatically generate from a signature the extended version for term-graphs. As the Tom terms are implemented with maximal sharing, so are the term-graphs. Term-graphs can be specified using label constructors.

Note: This example needs dot program, which is a part of Graphviz. It is mandatory to install it to make the Viewer run properly.

import testlist.m.types.*;
import testlist.m.*;
import tom.library.utils.Viewer;
public class TestList {
  %gom(--termgraph) {
    module m
      abstract syntax
      Term = a()
           | b()
           | c()
           | d()
      List = doublelinkedlist(previous:List,element:Term,next:List)
           | nil()
           | insert(element:Term,list:List)
      sort List: graphrules(Insert,Identity) {
       insert(x1,v:doublelinkedlist(p,x2,n)) -> l:doublelinkedlist(p,x1,v:doublelinkedlist(&l,x2,n))  
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    List abcd = (List) 
     `LabList("1", doublelinkedlist(nil(),a(),
    System.out.println("Original subject");
    System.out.println("Insertion with term-graph rules from Gom");
    try {
    } catch(VisitFailure e) {
      System.out.println("Unexcepted failure!");

Users can define a system of term-graph rules and it is automatically compiled in a basic Tom strategy. These term-graph rewriting rules can then be integrated in a more complex strategy using Tom strategy combinators. As a consequence, all Tom features are available for term-graphs.

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Algebraic terms  > Hooks  > Mappings  > Graphs  > Subtyping

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