MTOM: A Tool for Efficient Embedded Rewriting

MTOM is a term rewriting tool designed for industrial use. The tool do not impose a fixed term representation, rather it accepts implementation of terms (or term like data types) of yet existing applications and it permits to define and execute rewriting rules upon those types.

Simple Examples

All programs (except atfib) are self standing, not requiring any other run-time library.

Complex Example: MTOM written in MTOM [Jan 08 2001]

The main design of this new implementation of MTOM can be decomposed into two parts: The new implementation of MTOM is now written in MTOM itself: boot-mtom.m

The result of the parsing phase is the following: boot-mtom.tomfix

In order to bootstrap this new implementation, you can apply the first implementation of MTOM to boot-mtom.m and get a C file ("boot-mtom.mtom.c"). Compiling this C code you get "mtom2" which can be applied to boot-mtom.tomfix, in order to get "mtom3": the bootstrapped version of MTOM.

MTOM for Java [Jan 10 2001]

The new implementation of MTOM can now generate Java goal language

MTOM for Java is bootstrapped [Jan 11 2001]


A preliminary version of MTOM can be downloaded here. A Java version of MTOM can be downloaded here.


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